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These are not rumors.

aren't making this up.  

This IS happening at Waukee....

As voters in our district, we want to make sure you're aware of the importance of the upcoming election on November 2nd, 2021. Frankly, the future of our public schools depends upon the outcome. That is why we need a record turnout of voters to secure ALL FOUR OPEN seats on the board. Otherwise, our community will continue to hear shocking stories like ones you're learning about right now.    

We recognize this information is disheartening, but it is crucial that voters understand the magnitude and severity of all the reports coming out of our schools. These are not one-off, isolated incidents - these personal and heart-wrenching stories from brave parents and students in our community are evidence that a culture of intolerance and political ideology has taken root at Waukee Schools. 

That said, these stories should not and do not reflect on the majority of the amazing teachers, administrators and staff in our district. The responsibility for these incidents rest solely and squarely on the shoulders of the Waukee School Board when they passed the Equity Standards (adopted word-for-word from the Southern Poverty Law Center Learning For Justice) back in August of 2020. That is why we need everyone to vote and change the dynamics of this board before its too late for our teachers and kids.      

By putting students, parents and teachers first and getting politics out of our classrooms, our entire community can come together, grow together, learn and thrive. Please stand with us and use your power to vote for the four school board representatives who understand that "diversity" means "diversity of thought" and "inclusion" means welcoming and valuing all students - not just those who agree.   

1  |  Teaching "Gender Fluidity"

A Shuler Elementary teacher read a book to his entire 5th grade class about “gender misidentification” and went on to coach the students how to discuss the topic with their parents. 

Source: Waukee School Board meeting on 8/9/2021, several emails between parents and Schuler teacher, principal, administrators and  Board

3  |  Experimenting With Identity

Waukee teachers received an email with a recommendation to watch a disturbing movie on Hulu called “In & Of Itself” for professional development. The movie promotes “identity is an illusion” and challenges teachers to confront students about who they really are.

Source: See Figure 2, 3 and 4

5  | Teaching Racial Division To 8 Year Olds

A Waukee elementary teacher showed a video adapted from the controversial book "Something Happened In Our Town" to a 2nd grade class, the premise being "cops don't like black men."  

Source: Waukee School Board Meeting 5/27/2021 and Iowa Standard Article 5/9/2021 

7 | Teaching About Racism With Racism

A Waukee High School Spanish teacher told her class that “ALL white people are racists” and when upset students disagreed, she repeated it again and again as a “fact.”

Source: Email sent to Principal Cary Justmann from concerned parents.

9 | Mental Health Impacts 

Parents forced to homeschool Waukee Middle School 6th grade student midyear due to severe anxiety from being singled out by some of his teachers due to his personal values and beliefs.


Source: Waukee School Board Meeting 8/9/2021  

2  | More Gender Confusion For Kids

During the first week of the 21/22 school year, Waukee students in grades 6-12 were given forms in every class to declare their “preferred pronouns," and students could elect to withhold that information from their parents.  

Source: See Figure 1 or ask any 6th - 12th grade Waukee student how many times they had to do this during the first week of school

4  | Equity Standards Don't Apply To All

The Northwest High School Principal denied students request for a USA theme day for homecoming week and referred to the students as a “white girls."

Source: Iowa Standard Article 9/5/2021

6 | Shaming Freedom Of Choice

On the first day of school, a Waukee High School English teacher welcomed his students with “Hello everyone – even those who are not wearing masks. Hopefully you are at least vaccinated.”

Source: Ask any Waukee High School student taking English 

8 | Labeling Students For Their Choices

A South Middle School teacher told her students they were "homophobic" if they ate at Chick-fil-A.

Source: Email sent to Dr. Buck from concerned parents

10 | Coping With Shaming By Shaming

Grant Ragan 2nd grade teacher read a book to her class called "Lucy's Mask" that held up children wearing masks as “heroes," which made the students not wearing masks feel bad for not being heroes.

Source: Emails to teacher, Principal Matt Robie and Dr. Buck from concerned parents 

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