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Warriors & Wolves United Sets The Record Straight On Grassroots Campaign

WAUKEE, IA –​ Since announcing their run for Waukee School Board, the four candidates being supported by Warriors & Wolves United (WWU) have been under attack by a handful of individuals and groups in our community who oppose the WWU platform of equal opportunity, parent/guardian choice, relationships, accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility. Most claims by these individuals and groups are simply a matter of opinion, which the WWU candidates welcome as they all have great respect for diversity of thought. Accusations about the source of financial support for the campaign, however, are factually inaccurate and WWU wants to ensure the Waukee Community is armed with the truth.

When WWU was established last month, the four candidates made a commitment to run a clean, non-partisan, grassroots campaign. Opposing parties are claiming the campaign is being organized and funded by the Republican Party, which is baseless and incorrect.

“Although offers have been made, the Warriors & Wolves United committee is not accepting contributions from political organizations. All donations are coming from individuals who believe in the platform and the four candidates who are volunteering to serve our community,” said Ryan Glick, Treasurer of WWU.

“We had no idea how expensive it would be to run a campaign,” said Vin Thaker, candidate for Waukee School Board. “Yes, we have received offers for support from political organizations, which we are very grateful for; however, we all believe school boards should be about students and teachers -- not politics. We are confident the community will continue to provide the financial support we need to get our message out.”

Disclosures around school board campaign donations will be filed in accordance with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board on the 5th day prior to the election on November 2, 2021. That report, when officially filed, will show WWU has received contributions ranging from $10 to $500 from approximately 60 individuals thus far.

“We are so appreciative of the donations we have received from friends and family members, but especially the outpouring of support from the Waukee Community as a whole. Every contribution to our campaign - large or small - means the world to us because it reinforces that our message is resonating with voters who care about the future of Waukee Schools, said Andrea Lawrence, candidate for Waukee School Board.

“We’re just four moms and dads who are trying to raise enough money to ensure voters in the Waukee Community School District are aware of what’s going on in our classrooms,” said candidate Morgan Hughes. “This election is critical to upholding the values and traditions of our community, and ensuring all students are treated equally and respectfully in our public schools.“

Candidate Jeff Rubino stated “There’s a lot at stake with this election and that’s why the community is stepping up to support us. None of us are politicians, so we had no idea what to expect starting out. To say we are blown away by the generosity and encouragement of the citizens and students of Waukee is an understatement.”

The four candidates along with all of the volunteers working on the Warriors & Wolves United campaign are committed to running a fair, honest and privately-funded campaign that sets the bar high for leadership and community service.

Waukee Community School Board elections will be held on November 2, 2021. More information about the candidates and their commitment to public education can be found at

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