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Four strong parents, not politicians, step up to run for Waukee School Board

Last week, two Warrior parents and two Wolves parents united to share the same message as at-large candidates for Waukee Community School Board elections in November. Together, as part of Warriors & Wolves United, Morgan Hughes, Andrea Lawrence, Jeff Rubino, and Vin Thaker are committed to fostering academic excellence and equal opportunity for every Waukee student; supporting parental choice and personal responsibility; cultivating relationships at all levels of the district; guaranteeing the judicious use of taxpayer funds; and ensuring all students and teachers have the necessary tools and resources to be successful.

“As a mom of three kids in Waukee schools, I’ll ensure every student has access to the best education in Iowa. In addition, I’ll make sure we’re good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Andrea Lawrence, candidate and current board member of the Waukee Community Schools Foundation. “While serving on the Foundation’s Board, I supported our students and teachers through fundraisers totaling over a half million dollars. I’ll lead with compassion and will help all Waukee students achieve their fullest potential.”

Jeff Rubino, a dedicated father of three, entrepreneur, and longtime Waukee youth sports leader, is proud of delivering practical life lessons to countless Waukee students as a football, wrestling, soccer, and softball coach. “It has been a true honor to work with student athletes over the years and help them build personal accountability, respect for others, and self-confidence,” Rubino said. “I’m passionate about the success of my athletes on and off the field or mat and I’ll leverage that passion on behalf of all Waukee students. I’ll continue to support Waukee’s mission and will do all I can to help them achieve great things.”

“As an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen, I believe civic engagement is an amazing opportunity given to U.S. citizens,” said Vin Thaker, father of three, youth soccer coach in Waukee, and professional project manager. “As a PTO events chairman from 2014-2017, I’ve had the opportunity to work with other parents and teachers to create lasting memories for our students. I would be honored to serve the Waukee community as a school board member to ensure every student is given the opportunity to achieve their education goals.”

“The district needs genuine and effective relationships to successfully meet the challenges of our day. School board members are elected to build strong bonds with students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators and lead the district by example,” said Morgan Hughes, candidate and 2019 award recipient of the Waukee APEX Catalyst Award. “As a mother of three Waukee students and a businesswoman, it was an honor to mentor our high school students on professionalism at the APEX. I’m ready to bring my collaborative skills and business acumen to the board.”

Together, the four candidates are determined to maintain and grow Waukee’s reputation for excellence in education. Through collaboration and transparency, they will provide outstanding leadership in the Waukee Community School District for years to come. Waukee Community School Board elections will be held on November 2, 2021. More information about the candidates can be found at

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