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Say Hello to
Andrea Lawrence

  • Mother of three Waukee students

  • Married to Wade

  • WCSD Foundation Board Member

  • Candidate for Waukee School Board

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Hello Waukee Friends and Neighbors!


My name is Andrea Lawrence, and I’m a candidate for the Waukee School Board. I’m a stay-at-
home mom who’s passionate about education. My husband and I are blessed to raise our three
children and see them grow within the Waukee Community School District.


About Me
I moved to West Des Moines in 1988 and graduated from Valley High School in 1996. While I
may have cheered “Go Tigers!” for years, I am now a Waukeean through and through! I stayed
close to home and received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management at Iowa State
University. My husband Wade, and I, later moved to West Des Moines in 2001 where we both
pursued our careers. I have been a stay at home since our first child was born in 2008.
Our children attend South Middle School and Brookview Elementary. We’ve seen them grow
academically due to the amazing teachers that they have had throughout the years. Our
teachers are the best!


Getting Involved
At the beginning of our children’s education journey, I knew I wanted to be involved. I began
volunteering in the classrooms and joined the Waukee Community Schools Foundation as a
board member. I am now going into my fifth year on the board and have gained deep
knowledge about the needs of students, parents and guardians, teachers, and the district.
In addition, I helped organize the WCSF auction and dinner event for the last five years and
served as co-chair for the last four. This event is the largest fundraiser within our community
and all proceeds go directly to our schools. I’m proud to have helped raise more than a half
million dollars because these funds help Waukee schools be the most innovative and inspiring
school district in Iowa. Still, I want to do more. And that’s why I’m running for Waukee School Board.


My Pledge
Once elected, I want to continue my service to help connect and unite our students, parents,
teachers and community. The school board has the unique opportunity to facilitate this by giving
a voice to everyone with the goal of strengthening relationships, uniting communities, and
elevating our ideas.


I’ll be a relentless advocate for parents, who are the foremost authority in choosing what’s best
for their children. Values and beliefs should be taught at home, not in school. That’s why I
believe every classroom should be free of political activism. Our kids need to focus on
proficiency in science, math, technology, civics, and economics to make a positive contribution
after graduation.

I will advocate for every child. I want to help provide solutions that elevate the overall education
experience for every child.


I’ll immediately begin to strengthen vital relationships between educators, parents, and
taxpayers via the following areas of focus:

  • Increased transparency through more open and authentic communication with parents, teachers, administrators, and our community;

  • Create new ways to build better educational opportunities for every student and leverage technology to identify clear data-driven needs for Waukee students;

  • Provide proactive mental health support to all students, not just crisis cases and at risk groups; and

  • Inspire students and educators to achieve academic excellence through achievable goals, clear metrics, and accountability.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning about your concerns. Feel free to reach out to
me at our various public events. I look forward to meeting you and earning your vote!


The Change We Need. A Voice We Deserve.

Election Flyers


as if your child's future depends on it...because it does!

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